Lessons from Aviation: Resource Management to Increase Organisational Effectiveness
Since the 1980’s the airlines have invested considerable effort and resources to design and implement Resource Management training in their organizations. Many accidents have resulted from the crew’s inability to respond appropriately to certain situations. In designing these training programmes airlines were helped by a group of applied scientists whose aim was to promote effective teamwork and decision-making. Resource Management techniques have been one of the greatest successes of aviation and have become a standard practice in the industry. The benefits of Resource Management training reach far beyond the aviation community, in many other domains. Professionals in industries such as the medical sector and the oil industry have also started to successfully integrate this philosophy into their practices to enhance teamwork and safety.

Resource Management has yet to reach mainstream organisations & companies, offering Executives and Management Teams a very powerful way of encouraging the very highest levels of team performance to enhance organisational effectiveness and bottom line performance

It’s all too easy for management and team members to assume that their dynamics are straightforward and obvious. However, in reality there are many factors that have a significant and crucial effect on team performance and therefore the accomplishment of the team goals and are often an important contributing factor to poor performance of a business or organisation. Companies like Motorola, Kodak, French Railroads (SNCF), Royal Bank of Scotland, Rubbermaid, HP and Merck could have all benefited from effective Resource Management, resulting in risk mitigation, situational awareness and better decision making.


When Resource Management Makes Sense:

– Change Management

– Crisis Management

– Investments Decisions

– Project Management

– Mergers & Acquisitions

– Toxic Cultures

This UNIQUE workshop is not just single- dimensional general knowledge and concept training currently provided in familiarization courses, but is also about experiencing it in a dynamic real time environment, challenging your existing thinking. It will generate insights and support change to dramatically enhance individual and team performance, generating a significant and lasting impact on their organization.


  • A new approach to Executive Development that guarantees Engagement & Results
  • Skill & Attitude development enhancing Organisational Effectiveness
  • Integration of various Skills & Knowledge into current Work Practices

Other Benefits

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